Halloween Safety

Halloween can be a very fun holiday for everyone especially kids, to make the holiday a treat instead of a trick please follow these safety tips. 

Halloween Costumes:

• Check that the costumes are flame retardant.

• Keep costumes short to prevent trips, falls and other bumps in the night.

• Try using make-up instead of masks, a mask can be uncomfortable and obstruct a child’s view when crossing streets and using steps.

• Wear light colored costumes and use reflective material or tape, this will make children more visible after dark.

• Avoid costumes that have weapons, if they are part of the costume make sure they are made from cardboard or other flexible material.


Trick or Treating:

• Never let children go out alone.

• Young children should be with parents, older kids with friends.

• Trick or treat in groups.

• Map a route ahead of time and make sure parents know the route.

• Stop only at familiar houses with lights on.

• Try and trick or treat while it’s still light out.

• Stay in well lighted areas and carry a flashlight.

• Teach children to Never, Never go into a strangers house or accept a ride from a stranger. If someone makes them feel uncomfortable or tries to grab them, children should scream, yell, fight and kick to get away. They should then find a parent or adult they trust and tell them what happened as soon as possible.

• If your child has a cell phone make sure they are familiar with local emergency numbers and the proper use of 911 and what information they need to give First Responders.

• Walk on sidewalks and cross at crosswalks.



• Teach children to not eat any treats until they get home.

• To avoid temptation give children a snack before they go out.

• Check all treats at home and eat only unopened candy and treats in original wrappers. Carefully inspect fruit and homemade treats and ask who gave them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The City council has set trick or treating hours of 4:00PM until 7:00PM on Halloween. We urge everyone to please observe these guidelines.

The City Youth and Recreation Department will be hosting a Halloween Party for children from 3PM-5PM on October 31st at City Hall in the Mayors Conference Room.

Halloween can be a lot of fun for kids and parents alike. Take a few extra minutes and remember the tricks and treats of playing it safe. A lot of the safety rules that apply to Halloween are good rules to follow all the time.

Our Neighborhood Watch groups will be out keeping an eye on their neighborhoods for criminal activity and reporting to the Police Department Anyone who witnesses or suspects any criminal activity can dial 911 for emergencies.


Have a happy and safe Halloween.

NYS LEAH Chapter 154 visits DPD


NYS LEAH chapter 154 delivers treats to Dunkirk Police Department Chief David Ortolano (left) and Sgt Michael Pakulski (right)

The NYS LEAH Chapter 154 came to The Dunkirk Police Department on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 and brought a large tray of homemade treats for our Department to show their appreciation for what we do to keep the Community safe. The children also made individual thank you cards for our Officers which were posted on the wall at the station. They were given a tour of the Station and shown a patrol car by Chief David Ortolano and Sgt. Michael Pakulski. “It was our pleasure to have the children visit and we appreciate that the children and their families took the time to show us that they care
about what we do for them each and every day.” – Chief David Ortolano


Sgt Pakulski showing a police car to NYS LEAH Chapter 154

“Thank you, Dunkirk PD, for allowing us to come and show our appreciation to
our local law enforcement.
We are a group of parents who are committed to teaching our children to obey
and respect the law, that includes those who are brave enough to serve in
the community and uphold those laws.
The children had fun and it was a good lesson for them to see how important
it is to tell others they are appreciated. It was clear that it meant
something to your officers to have the support of the people you serve.
We are truly grateful for your sacrifice and many of us remember you in
prayer regularly.

Thank you for all you do!”

Melissa Schrock
NYS LEAH Chapter 154
Loving Education At Home


NYS LEAH Chapter 154 student sits in a DPD police car


Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano handing out treats to NYS LEAH Chapter 154 students

DPD Reader Day

Observer school 5

Photo by Observer Staff Nicole Gugino          From left to right Sgt Mark Gruber, Sgt Chris Witkowski, Chief David Ortolano, Officer Matt Martinez


Sgt Mark Gruber read to preschool at Dunkirk School 5

The Dunkirk Police Department started the Police Department Reader Day Program in the beginning of the School year at all the Elementary Schools. The program culminated today with reading at School # 5. Several Police Officers have visited all the Elementary Schools and read books to the children. As part of this program the Officers also spent time with the children explaining the Job of a Police Officer and answering any questions the children had.

The program has helped to build a positive relationship with the children and let’s them be familiar with Police Officers in a positive setting. The program will help to make children more comfortable with Police Officers and hopefully build positive relationships in the future as well.


Officer Matt Martinez reads to first grade at Dunkirk School 5


Sgt Chris Witkowski read to first grade at Dunkirk School 5

The Dunkirk Police Department wants to thank the following organizations for their generous support in making this program possible by providing the funding for items such as pencils and junior police officers stickers that were given to the students. We thank the Dom Polski Club, Kosciuszko Club, Score This Inc., Dunkirk Exempt Fireman Assn., Fourth Ward Falcon Club and the Conservation Club. Without the assistance of these organizations we would not enjoy the success of programs such as the Police Department Reader Day program. Again our many thanks to them for their support.

We also want to thank the City of Dunkirk School District for working together with the Police Department on our programs in the Schools.

Thanksgiving Day Safety Reminders

patch new

The City of Dunkirk Police Department is issuing the following safety reminders to everyone during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

  1. Please plan properly for trips by checking the weather and road conditions.
  2. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination, take frequent breaks while driving.
  3. Be prepared to adjust driving as the road conditions change
  4. Always wear seatbelts and please make sure children are in a child safety seat. It’s a proven fact that seatbelts and child safety seats save lives.
  5. Keep an emergency pack in the vehicle including blankets, water, snacks and a flashlight.
  6. Do not drive while texting or talking on your cell phone (except in case of an emergency). This is very distracting, dangerous and it is also illegal.
  7. We wish for everyone to enjoy the holiday with family and friends but if you have celebrated to much and can’t safely operate a vehicle please don’t. Designate a safe driver ahead of time. Please don’t create a tragedy as your remembrance of this holiday. True friends won’t let someone they love get behind the wheel or get into a vehicle with someone if they can’t safely operate it.
  8. If you encounter reckless operators do not confront them, pull off the road and call 911 with the description and direction of travel.
  9. If you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time please take advantage of our House Watch program. Details can be found by stopping at the Police Station, calling the Police Desk at 366-2266 or by visiting the forms section on our Department website dunkirkpolice.com
  10. Please keep an eye on what is going on in your Neighborhood. If you see or hear something out of the ordinary please call the Police Desk at 366-2266 or 911 and let us send an Officer to check it out.

The Dunkirk Police Department wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.

Dunkirk Police Participates in Greenlight a Vet

Greenlight a Vet

Greenlight a Vet

The best way to honor our Veterans is by not forgetting what they have done for our Country, they fought to protect the rights of every American citizen each and every day. The Dunkirk Police Department is proud to honor our Veterans by participating in the greenlight a vet program. The light globes at the Fourth Street entrance to Police Headquarters have been changed to glow with green lights to show our support for Veterans.

We want to show our respect and honor to all the Veteran members of our armed services who have served our Country in the past as well as those who currently serve in our armed forces today. We especially want to honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave of their lives. The Dunkirk Police Department has Veterans currently serving in our Department and we have a long standing tradition of Veterans who have served the Department in the past and we are proud to honor them by participating.

We encourage all our citizens to change one light in their home or on their front porch to green in honor of our Veterans and to keep that light glowing as a beacon of respect.

May god bless our Veterans and may god bless all the men and women who are currently serving in our Armed Forces.