This section is dedicated to those individuals that gave the ultimate sacrifice:

Ptlm. George Nelson

End of Watch: October 17, 1920

Patrolman Nelson was shot and killed when he interrupted the burglary of a warehouse at the intersection of Second Street and Eagle Street. The suspects were never located.

Lt. J. Harry Knollman

End of Watch: February 6, 1932

Lt. Knollman succumbed to injuries when he struck his head while investigating a burglary in a residential cellar.

Lt. Mark M. Elfman

End of Watch: October 1, 1961

Lt. Elfman was shot and killed when he and another officer responded to a domestic disturbance. As Lt. Elfman approached the front door the suspect opened the door and fired a shotgun, fatally wounding him. The suspect was convicted of murder and later died of cancer in prison.