Crack Cocaine Drug Arrests

Harrison DevoreCity of Dunkirk Police arrested an Irving man and a Dunkirk woman early Tuesday morning on multiple charges following an investigation of a suspicious vehicle parked in Wright Park after hours. Shortly after 1:00 AM, a Dunkirk Police patrol officer was making a routine check of the Wright Park area and observed a vehicle sitting in the park after hours.   When the officer approached the vehicle, the occupants acted nervous. The female passenger was reluctant to provide her name and date of birth and actually identified herself as another person. Other officers arrived to assist and it was determined that the female passenger was in fact Amber M. Harrison, age 39, of Leming St, Dunkirk, NY, was wanted on several outstanding bench warrant for failing to appear in Dunkirk City Court. When she was removed from the car and placed under arrest, officers observed a makeshift pipe commonly used for smoking crack cocaine. The driver, identified as Darryl W. Devore, age 52, of Main St, Irving, NY, was then removed from the vehicle. Officers removed the pipe and underneath it they located a package containing crack cocaine. Darryl Devore was placed under arrest for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th Degree, as was Harrison. Both suspects were transported to Dunkirk Police Headquarters on the misdemeanor charges. At Police Headquarters, Darryl Devore was found to have 2 more packages of crack cocaine concealed in his socks and was charged with Felony counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 5th Degree (500 milligrams or more of crack cocaine) and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 3rd Degree (Intent To Sell). A substantial amount of cash was also seized from Devore.

Drug Arrests


City of Dunkirk Police arrested a Fredonia man and a Sinclairville man early Sunday morning on multiple charges following an investigation of suspicious activity involving a vehicle. Just after 1:00 AM, based on observations of suspicious drug type activity,  Dunkirk Police Patrol Officers made a traffic stop of a car on E. Second St. near the intersection of S. Roberts Rd. As the occupants exited the vehicle to be questioned, officers observed drug related items in the car. Further investigation and a thorough search of the vehicle and suspects lead to the seizure of a quantity cocaine powder, a digital drug scale with cocaine residue on it, a spoon with cocaine residue, a crack pipe and other assorted drug related items. Both suspects were transported to Police Headquarters on the below charges.

Dewey was charged with felony fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, plus three counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-dgree criminally using drug paraphernalia. At Police Heaquarters, John Dewey was found to have a large rock of crack cocaine concealed in his clothing and was additionally charged with a Felony count of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 5th Degree (500 milligrams or more of crack cocaine).

Gray was also charged with three counts of seventh-degree criminal possession of a contreolled substance and second-degree criminally using drug paraphernalia.

Both were held without bail for arraignment.


Summer Activities

With Summer fast approaching and activities on the increase along the Waterfront the City of Dunkirk Police Department is issuing the following safety reminders.

Please wear a seat belt and have children secured properly in a child safety seat, it is a proven fact that seat belts and safety seats save lives. Texting and talking on cell phones while driving is illegal and dangerous. We are participating in the Click it or Ticket Enforcement Program.

If you’ve had too much to drink and can’t safely operate your vehicle please don’t.

Be aware while travelling through our School Zones, the speed limit while school is in session is 15 MPH with the exception of 20 MPH on Rt. 60 @ School # 3 and 25 MPH on Rt. 5 @ School # 7. There will be extra enforcement in these areas.

The Memorial Day Parade is set for Monday May 30, we encourage everyone to come out for the ceremonies and enjoy the day in the downtown and waterfront areas. There will be a carnival this weekend in the lot between Tim Hortons and the Clarion Hotel.

Wright ParkBe aware of increased activity in the Wright Park/Serval Street areas. Little League and Softball are in full swing. There will be increased enforcement in this area as we are committed to providing a safe environment for Little League, Softball and Tournaments. Also motorists should be aware of the Babe Ruth League games on Lucas Ave. Slow down and watch for pedestrians in all these areas.

Boardwalk Market

Be aware of the increased activity at the City pier around the Boardwalk Market, Music on the Pier as well as the many activities around the waterfront establishments with festivals, bands and nightlife activities.

During the course of the summer there will be several road races and walks along the waterfront, please pay attention and be cautious during these events.

Point Gratiot

A reminder about Park rules and regulations: Dogs must be on a leash and owners are responsible to pick up the dog waste, this is just common courtesy to all the others that use and enjoy our Parks. Alcohol use in permitted areas only. NO GLASS in any of the Park or Beach areas. Littering is illegal and we ask for cooperation to keep our Parks clean. Containers in the Park areas are for garbage/litter generated only from the use of the Park, anyone who dumps personal garbage into these containers will be prosecuted.

The City of Dunkirk Police Department is committed to providing a safe environment along the Waterfront and in our Parks during the summer. We encourage everyone to come out and visit our Waterfront and Park areas to see what’s going on. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised. We ask for the cooperation of our residents and visitors to please exercise caution while driving in the areas that have increased activities and we hope you enjoy the summer along the waterfront.  Please don’t hesitate to call the Communications Desk at 366-2266 if you see something out of the ordinary or have a question.

Vehicle Entry Arrest at Clarion Hotel

PATCHOn May 15th, 2016, at about 12:00 AM, Dunkirk Police responded to a report of a person entering a car at the Clarion Hotel and stealing property.  Through investigation, it was learned a subject identified as, James F. Beers IV, age 45, of Swan St, Dunkirk, NY was allegedly entering a vehicle and stealing property. All of the victim’s property was recovered.  Beers IV was charged with 1 count of Petit Larceny and 1 count of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in the Third Degree.  The Dunkirk Police Department would like to thank the witnesses for not hesitating to contact the police when they observed suspicious behavior.  Their quick actions assisted in the quick apprehension.

Prescription Drug Drop-off

The City of Dunkirk Policdea-drug-drop-off-w-dpde Department and WCA ALSTAR Ambulance  in cooperation with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are coordinating a North County location for National Prescription Drug Drop Off day on Saturday April                                                                                           30th , 2016 from 10AM-2PM.  

 WCA ALSTAR Services has again graciously provided their North Headquarters for the drive in drop off location. ALSTAR North is located behind School # 3 at Rt. 60 and Orchard Street in the City of Dunkirk. The prescriptions can be dropped off with no questions asked.

 This is a very important program because any unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issues leading to accidental poisoning, overdose and abuse. In many States deaths from Prescription drugs now exceeds those from motor vehicles accidents with opiate painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin leading abuse. In 2010 it was reported that the number of people seeking treatment for painkiller addiction had increased 400 % within the last 10 years.  Reports show that one in 10 12th grade students used pharmaceutical narcotic pain killers for non medical use. The reports also show that the majority of the teenagers (62%) using prescription drugs got them from family and friends including from medicine cabinets in their own homes. Unintentional overdose deaths from prescription opiods increased 175% over a 5 year period.   Recent reports note that there were 6.2 Million Americans aged 12 years and older who abused prescription drugs within the past month with 7 of the 10 most commonly abused drugs by teenagers being prescription medicine.


Methamphetamine Drug Arrest

Nicolas R. Shelley

Nicolas R. Shelley

On April 22, 2016, at about 2:18 AM, City of Dunkirk Police seized a significant amount of methamphetamine, a small amount of Suboxone and assorted drug paraphernalia during a traffic stop on Pelican St. Friday morning. A Dunkirk Police Officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 300 block of Pelican St. for a traffic infraction. Suspicious activity by one of the vehicle’s occupants lead to further investigation.  The occupant, identified as Nicholas R. Shelley, age 30, turned over a small bag of white powder to officers during his questioning, telling officers that it was heroin. The substance actually turned out to be methamphetamine after testing. A search of the vehicle and a search of the suspect subsequent to his arrest revealed that he was in possession of several large bags of methamphetamine packaged for street sale, a loaded hypodermic needle, a digital drug scale, assorted drug packaging materials and other drug paraphernalia. He was arrested on charges of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 5th Degree  (Felony), Criminal Possession of a Hypodermic Needle/Syringe, Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia 2nd Degree, Criminally Using Drug Paraphernalia 2nd Degree, and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th Degree and was locked up without bail on the felony charge for arraignment in Dunkirk City Court.

Vehicle Entries Arrest

Norman I. Geddis Jr.

Norman I. Geddis Jr.

On April 18, 2016, at about 4:06 AM, a Dunkirk Police Officer conducting business checks located a subject acting suspicious in the area of Lake Shore Dr E. and S. Ocelot St.  Through investigation, it was learned the subject identified as, Norman Geddis Jr., age 17, of Lincoln Ave, Dunkirk, NY was allegedly entering vehicles and stealing property throughout the city’s first ward. Geddis Jr. was charged with 2 counts of Petit Larceny, 2 counts of Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in the Third Degree and 1 count of Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.  He was held on $2,000 cash bail.

Dunkirk Police Chief presents Chautauqua Fallen Heroes Scholarship

Hero Scholarship for Paper

-Submitted photo (From left to right- Kurt Maytum, Ryan Dustin, and Chief David Ortolano

Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano and Kurt Maytum, representatives of the Chautauqua Fallen Heroes Scholarship Committee, recently presented the Chautauqua Fallen Heroes Scholarship to Ryan Dustin. Ryan is a Falconer resident and was awarded a $500 scholarship to further his education in criminal justice at Jamestown Community College.

Operation Street Sweep

On 4/16/2016, a number of Officers of the City of Dunkirk Police Department, both in plain clothes and in uniform, engaged in a City wide street crimes detail. The purpose of this operation was to further promote the safety of the community by policing in a proactive manner which is designed to deter criminal activity on local street corners, execute outstanding warrants, and aggressively enforce vehicle and traffic laws in high traffic areas. During the operation, Officers made several arrests for a variety of charges:

1)  Jerry Murphy, 22, of Forestville, NY was charged with PL 221.05, Unlawful               Possession of Marihuana.

2)    Luis Aviles, 53, of Dunkirk, NY was charged with VTL 511 (1A), Aggravated   Unlicensed Operation, VTL 1172 A, Failure to stop at a stop sign

3)  Martin Wisniewski, 41, of Dunkirk, NY was charged with PL 220.03, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

4)  Lisa Farner, 50, of Silver Creek, NY was charged with PL 220.03, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, VTL1163, No Turn Signal

5)  Vicki Lynn Badia, 51, of Zephyr Hills, FL was charged with PL 220.0, Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

6)  Jose Correa, 36, of Dunkirk, NY was arrested on outstanding warrants, charging him with PL 240.26 (1), Harassment in the Second Degree, and PL 145.05, Criminal Mischief (Felony)

7)  Javier Hernandez-Gonzalez, 26, of Dunkirk, NY was charged with 2 counts of VTL 1126 A, Passing on a double solid line

Details like the one that was conducted this weekend will stress quality of life issues for the residents of the City of Dunkirk. As warmer weather is upon us, please be mindful of possible criminal activity in your area. Citizens are encouraged to call the City of Dunkirk Police Department and report any unusual activity. (716)366-2266